We founded Black Tie with a big dream: to build and share a free, creative and fully inclusive way of working, with full respect for gender differences, talent and the lives of our employees, who must be able to choose when and where to work.

We want to build new communication opportunities in the world, on the strength of an all-Italian creativity but with a feminine, harmonious, kind, authentic and courageous edge.


We want to exploit the digital world to create bridges and enhance the best things in life – ideas, people, values – by fostering a qualitative fertilisation between the real and the virtual, between creativity and technology, between business sectors and different cultures, between male and female, and between yin and yang.


We are committed to promoting the circular economy, work-life balance, gender inclusion, and cultural inclusion, with a model based on flexibility, authenticity, respect and trust. This allows healthy and constructive relationships to develop between people – be they customers, stakeholders or employees and suppliers – who share and champion the same values.


We simplify with digital, we enhance with creativity.
Our mission is to make the story that companies and organisations tell about themselves more captivating, effective and engaging, communicating externally with customers and stakeholders and internally with their employees. on tailor-made projects, integrating the various physical and digital touchpoints into a single flow.


We approach each project and each new professional relationship with enthusiasm, courage, kindness and an open mindset, as an opportunity for mutual listening, discussion and professional and human growth. This results in tailor-made projects, capable of creating dynamic flows and immersive experiences in the various physical and digital touchpoints.

Social Impact

We are not afraid to make mistakes because this means ongoing improvement, and we are constantly striving to enhance our network of excellence, which is made up of positive, smart and authentic people who want to positively impact the future – just like us. To live and work better.

Settori & Industries

Our Talents

Founder - CEO

Simona Bertagna

General Manager

Claudia Rossini


Michele Zonca

Art Designer

Alessandra Garavaldi

Motion Graphics Designer

Federico Poglio

Fotografa e Videomaker

Giulia Rosco

Social Media Manager

Giulia Paciotti


Marco Chizzola

Digital Marketing Manager

Roberto Dalsant

Event Director

Tiziano Pellegris

Social Media Manager

Valentina Nisticò

Full Stack Developer

Vittorio Schiavone